Contoured Restrictions

Contoured Restrictions
Contoured Restrictions

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Amazonian Lines

In earlier crits associations to rivers have been made to my work. 

I have since looked into the passages of water in landscapes and have now begun to appreciate their appearance from above. 
I have looked in many books to see how the lines connect and weave in and out of each other. Its like a traffic light system, the rivers know where to merge and where to break off and make it's own paths. 

The Amazon River is the most impressive river channel in the world and can be seen clearly from out of space.

This is the image that I will use in my current and final work of year 1.

I will draw the main water ways, running to the smaller tributaries in pencil onto the dissolvable material and then use my sewing machine to add the lines. 

I would like to slowly dissolve the backing material by using funnels with filters, leaving only thread that once represented the biggest river in the world, destroyed by a few drips of water. 
It will be a time based piece, much like the other ephemeral work I have produced this year.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Material Evolving

Final semester of year 1!

I have come back after Easter knowing we had not long left before our end of year assessment, but I was very stuck.

I had been sewing and really enjoying the indexical markings that I'd been producing, through using the sewing machine on different fabrics. 

Over Easter I discovered a fabric commonly used in Textiles that dissolves in water. 
In earlier work in the year I had been trying to use the material to change the property another material. The processes of the material dissolving is magical to see, and each time I am mesmerised. 
So this term I am going to use the fabric to see how it can work for me and my work at the moment.

Im realising however, that using my sewing machine is very time consuming and I am already pushed for time. 

Here are some pictures of me working with the material:

National Portrait Gallery- Lucian Freud Portraits

National Portrait Gallery- Lucian Freud Portraits
Visited: 18/04/2012

I traveled to The National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday 18th April with Eleanor Osmond. I had been to a few exhibitions here before, but on this visit the grandure of the location suited the collections of paintings that we were there to see. 

Around each painting stood at least ten people, some looking on there own and others stood discussing their take on the painting in question. I enjoyed hearing what they had to say. Upon entering we received a Exhibition guide telling us about the paintings and Freud himself, chose too look around first then go again and read the blurb with each painting. This allowed me to cast my own thoughts on what I saw before knowing the story.

As I'm not a painter, I had only ever see Lucian Freud's painting in books and online before, thinking that they were beautiful deptictions on himself, his friends and his wife. That was true, however upon seeing the painting up close I was surprised to see how textured and lumpy they are on the surface, especially knowing they are paintings in oil paint.

I enjoyed looking and learning. I hope that I will try painting again next year. The work that I saw in this exhibition will influence me.