Contoured Restrictions

Contoured Restrictions
Contoured Restrictions

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

David Hockney, A bigger Picture- Royal Academy

David Hockney, A bigger Picture- Royal Academy
Visited: 20/01/2012

Me, excited at the tube station on the way to the RA

The RA's newest exhibition was the first major exhibition of new landscape works by David Hockney. It featured vivid paintings inspired by the East Yorkshire landscape, the large scale works were created especially for the galleries at the Royal Academy of Arts and are shown alongside related drawings and film.

As a 'Friend' of the RA we were aloud to view this exhibition a day before the general public could, this did not how ever mean it was any quieter, only that there was more of the elite Hockney fans there! 
We did invest in headphones and audio explanation and this only heightened the understanding, as the work wasn't so conceptual as the art I normally view. 

His work was beautiful to view up close and you could see the understanding he had on his earlier photo montages were carried through into this large scale gridded painting and video. 
He says that in his work there is no perspective, your supposed to move through it freely.

Much of the time he spent doing his paintings he was 'waiting for nature to arrive' so thus planned to be spontaneous, adding to the calendar significant nature dates.

Hockey had made a series of video works (making of the video link below) It was the most contemporary conceptual work he'd ever made and I really enjoy viewing it. I was compelled to watch all of the 18 screens. The video was tracking across landscapes and I found it encompassing and compelling.

Hockney is being a 'Zeitgeist' artist and never stuck in his ways.

The prestigious RA seemed like the most beautiful place to view new and older art works. 

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