Contoured Restrictions

Contoured Restrictions
Contoured Restrictions

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

White Cube Bermondsey- Anselm Kiefer Il Mistero delle Cattedrali

White Cube Bermondsey- Anselm Kiefer Il Mistero delle Cattedrali
Visited: 22/01/2012

I visited the White Cube in Bermondsey on Sunday 22nd. I was a brilliant location and very easy to get to from London Bridge tube station. 

The gallery rooms are all located on the ground floor which makes the viewing undisputed and as if your searching out for a narrative. 

I had never looked at Kiefer's work before and found the link to Science most interesting.  Nature VS man made was a recurring topic, depicted in natural objects literally balancing on industrial metal objects.

The smell as you walked in was closely linked to the work I think, the smell as rust and chemicals. It could have been purposely linked to the work I'm not sure but it certainly added tot he experience for me. 

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