Contoured Restrictions

Contoured Restrictions
Contoured Restrictions

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hepworth and Moore- 'Hepworth Wakefield'

Hepworth and Moore- Hepworth Wakefield
Visited: 15/01/2012

Wakefield is an industrial city set in a rural location and this building is a beautiful collision between the two, a steel harsh looking exterior, with a bright spacious airy interior. Surrounded by running water, the building looks like a floating 'Whiteread' cement cast.

Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore's work was divided into 6 gallery's each presenting a different angle of their practise e.g. Hepworth at work, The plasters gallery. This division blurred as you moved from one room to another.

Thick perspects boxes encased Hepworth's smaller sculptures as the larger one stood tall from floor to ceiling. The scale and meticulous planning that went into her work was amazing to view.

Top three works:

1) Winged Figure 1961-2 - Hepworth
2) Spring 1966- Hepworth
3) Evan Uhlow - 1932

This exhibition space is as contemporary as any place I have been to in London before and would definately return, even to see the same again.

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