Contoured Restrictions

Contoured Restrictions
Contoured Restrictions

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Pitmen Painters- Dutchess Theatre

The Pitmen Painters- Dutchess Theater 
Visited: 19/01/2012

The question is asked, 'What is Art?' to five pitmen in the 30's. 
Their curiosity of art led them to start an Art appreciation group. The tutor being an 'educated upper class man of money' from London, which only proved their understanding of class divide, Art was for the rich and manual labour was for the poor. Their opinion of Art was only fuled from images they saw printed in newspapers and saw on billboards. In one way the opinion was organic, fresh and untempered.
Instead of just 'looking' they would 'see' and crave for an understanding and meaning. 

"Art has no meaning, the meaning is your understanding of the work." 

I found this an interesting West End show with a refreshing narrative. It got me thinking about the core structure of Art. Set at a small theatre, that felt intimate and intense. 

Here's a link to some highlights from 'The Pitmen Painters':

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